How do the subscriptions work?

  • Every 1 Friday - The beer will be delivered once a week on a Friday.
  • Every 2 Fridays - The beer will be delivered once every two weeks on a Friday.
  • Every 3 Fridays - The beer will be delivered once every three weeks on a Friday.
  • Every 4 Fridays - The beer will be delivered once every four weeks on a Friday.

Can I order multiple beers?

Yes, just add the different beers to your basket and select the frequency you want them. This will create the subscription for both beers at once.

How and when will I be charged?

We will charge the same card you first used to pay each time. Your payment will come out on the same day of the week you ordered and the interval will depend on how frequently you have chosen to have your subscription. As an example, if you ordered on a Tuesday and selected for your beers to be delivered "Every 2 Fridays", you'll be charged every two weeks on Tuesday.

Is there any contract?

No, you are not tied into any contract and can cancel at any time. Details on cancelling are listed below.

Can I edit my subscription?

Yes when you make your first order you will get an email to create an account with us. Once your account is setup you can view and change your subscription frequency, and also pause your subscription.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel by emailing us at shop@nethergate.co.uk.

When will you deliver them?

All beers will be delivered on a Friday by a member of our friendly team.